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CHR Communications is a small advertising agency in the heart of Milford, Michigan. Our focus is simple. We provide our clients with creative printed materials to best market their products and services.

Our niche is primarily healthcare, but our client list includes education, automotive and retail.

We’re small, but most of our clients are big. We’re the “go to” agency when you want creative, well-written marketing materials at a reasonable price. And quickly? Test us. We haven’t missed a deadline yet.

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At CHR Communications, we believe a laptop is an appendage. This Type A personality trait runs deep, resulting in a team of workaholics who have mastered the art of deadlines and multi-tasking. Whether it’s coming up with a new marketing strategy or developing direct mail, every job – no matter how small – gets our undivided attention and utmost creativity.

And, if at the end of the day our clients look good, we know we’ve done our job.